Mac Mini Upgradin’


So I recently acquired an Intel Core Solo Mac Mini, and being the curious person I am, I can’t leave well enough alone. So I decided to take upon myself the task of making it a bit more modern. By modern, i mean capable of running more than one Chrome window at a time with everything else closed.

What’d I do? I took the 1.5 GHz Core Solo chip out and immediately replaced it with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo, bringing a 500 MHz clock increase 64-bit support, and of course a second core. I also doubled the ram from 1GB to 2GB. It’s definitely running a lot better. The specs now more closely match my Core 2 Duo iMac than my G4 Mini. and it definitely can handle everything I’ve chosen to throw at it so far.

I’ve created a monster mini and I’m entirely happy with it. The…

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Part B

Epsilon Weblog

This is the 2nd installment in my blog post series on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 which is based on what I’ve learnt on the Infinite Skills video training course of the same name. The 3 types of information for users  stored on Exchange Server are email, calendaring and address books. Exchange stores, routes and delivers email. With the calendars others can see them and see what you have scheduled and make appointments. There is also an address typically for each department ie human resources, sales etc. Outlook is often used in conjunction with this program and there is also outlook web app and this still uses the same acronym OWA but has had the name modified and the program has been considerably updated. It can also route things to mobile devices. The exchange administration center is a new feature combining several different modules in earlier versions. It’s also accessed via…

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On the road: CSS and eResearch Conference 2014

What You're Doing Is Rather Desperate

Next week I’ll be in Melbourne for one of my favourite meetings, the annual Computational and Simulation Sciences and eResearch Conference.

The main reason for my visit is the Bioinformatics FOAM workshop. Day 1 (March 27) is not advertised since it is an internal CSIRO day, but I’ll be presenting a talk titled « SQL, noSQL or no database at all? Are databases still a core skill?« . Day 2 (March 28) is open to all and I’ll be talking about « Learning from complete strangers: social networking for bioinformaticians« .

I imagine these and other talks will appear on Slideshare soon, at both my account and that of the Australian Bioinformatics Network.

I’m also excited to see that Victoria Stodden is presenting a keynote at the main CSS meeting (PDF) on « Reproducibility in Computational Science: Opportunities and Challenges ».

Hope to see some of you there.

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The Nerve Center (Nervous???)

In the lecture we did a recap on the dry run of the Video Conference we done a couple weeks ago. What Paul did was he recorded the entire thing so that if we wanted to make any edit’s, we could edit it and then re-post it up on Moodle. we also examined the risks and thought up solutions and measures that could be in place to eliminate that risk:

  • Make sure system is up to date
  • Investigate Wi-Fi
  • Warnings about wi-fi => 10 seconds delay on the tablet tethered to phone, phone was blackberry.
  • Tablet and android apps can’t see full text iPhone can.
  • Make sure the meeting is recorded at all times.
  • If people have been logging in twice it will cause problems such as confusing them as a presenter.
  • Presenters looking at projector instead of laptops and desktops
  • Should say when questions can be answered in the…

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