Landmark Obamacare Enrollment Reached plus Events and Jobs

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I’ve sat in amagement at how some critics of Obamacare continue to discredit the plan and some Congressmen have even tried to overturn the law 52 times even in the face of the Supreme Court decision. My take on this is that half of the public is gullible enough to believe their spokespeople’s scare tactics even when the statements that underlay their criticism are untrue. The issue still makes for a good rallying call for politicians organizing people who share their beliefs to gain votes in 2014 elections even though they may have individually accepted the inevitability of the new law.

Those of us in the health care industry have known for a long time that the system is broken and that there can’t be unlimited, escalating costs for a care system that isn’t serving our citizen patients very well. Of course, there needs to be changes to get the…

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