Managing Subnet Advertisements in an EIGRP Stub Router

Timothy the Geek

A customer scenario is that they need access to the web page of a third party service provider via a firewall.  The firewall, which also belongs to the third partly, is (rightly) not participating in dynamic routing.  This isn’t an unusual situation that network engineers find themselves in.

EIGRP Stub Router

One solution that may seem obvious without any thought or analysis is the two step process of configuring a static route and redistribute the static route into the dynamic routing protocol. The static route is used as a pointer to the firewall as the next hop to get traffic into the third party network and the redistribution gets the static route into the routing protocol – in this case, EIGRP – so that all the routers in the autonomous system knows about it.

But when is it not a good idea to redistribute, on a blanket scale, static routes? It could be…

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