Game of Thrones!! Beware of Bogus Java Update

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A message has been spread between Facebook users claiming that the hit TV series “Game of Thrones” has been cancelled.

Knowing just how many people are avid watchers of the fantasy series, it’s hard to imagine that many wouldn’t be tempted to click on a link like this if it appeared in their newsfeed:

Game of Thrones Cancelled! a Hoax Game of Thrones Cancelled! a Hoax

In this case, however, clicking on the link will take you to a webpage that attempts to convince you that your computer’s copy of the Java plugin is out-of-date, and that you should install a new one.

The webpage (very helpfully) offers you a free download of Java Version 7 Update 25.

Java update from a non-java site Java update from a non-java site

However, your alarm bells should be ringing.

Even if Java Version 7 Update 25 was the latest version of Java (which it isn’t – at the time of writing, Java Version 7…

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Web Security: Beginning the Battle.

Security Perspective

Welcome to Web Security Series. In this section we would see different aspects of Web Security ranging from what are common web security loopholes, how they are exploited and and how they should be prevented.

This series standouts from the others of this kind cause it is being written by a Web Developer turned to be a Security Analyst. Based on my experiences of how developers code, how architecture prevents security threats from causing harm to what discouraged web implementations are still deployed on live sites and how they can be exploited to gain what we are looking at from the web application/website.

Along with the way how website/web applications are being exploited we will also talk about what preventive and/or corrective measures can be deployed to mitigate risks and tighten your web app’s security.

Stay Tuned. Viva la Security!!

PS: All articles on this site are for educational purpose…

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ÜberConf Day 1: Web Application Security Workshop with Ken Sipe

prose :: and :: conz by joescii

Day one of ÜberConf was the workshop day, and I attended the Web Application Security Workshop with Ken Sipe. I’d say the workshop met my expectations. There were parts that I knew, parts I didn’t know, that sort of thing. Here are a few hits that stood out.

This is something I had never really thought of. Single sign on? Convenient! Great user experience! But it is a security vulnerability no matter how well implemented. Another example he gave that really stood out is Here you give them your banking credentials, and it grabs all of your transactions and helps you budget, etc. Great user experience, but now you’re credentials are stored out there.


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Is digital currency poised to replace paper money?

Crypto Coin Post

UNIVERSITY PARK — In 1729, when he was 23 years old, Benjamin Franklin authored a pamphlet titled « A Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency. » The revolutionary idea he advocated? Paper money printed and controlled by the Colonies. As a printer by trade, Franklin himself created some of the earliest American currency and fittingly, today Franklin’s face is emblazoned on the largest denomination of U.S. currency in circulation — the $100 bill, aka « a Benjamin. »

The questions Franklin raised about the nature of money and its regulation in society are still relevant. It’s easy to imagine that the famously prescient and witty statesman would have an opinion or two about the controversial emerging currencies of today’s digital economy.

Could digital currency be poised to replace paper money?

The pursuit of an independent digital currency began in the early 1990s, explains John Jordan, clinical professor of…

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