Cisco router as a TFTP server

Bart Mars

I’ve had the following situation more than once this year: I needed to upgrade an Cisco IOS switch, but I haven’t got a TFTP or FTP server to upload the IOS image with. At my current job, for some reason we don’t have an TFTP/FTP server set up. That’s not a big issue, but it can become a problem when you’re not allowed to use an portable TFTP/FTP solution, due to your firewall rule policy.

This solution only works if your devices can easily reach each other without having to go through a firewall!

Luckily, Cisco has a solution posted on their website (search Google for « How To Copy a System Image from One Device to Another »):

On the first router or switch that has the IOS image you want and go into configuration mode. Configure this device as an TFTP server with the command:

tftp-server flash:name-of-the-file.bin

On the second router…

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