Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 NIC Teaming with EtherChannel on Cisco 3750G Switch.

Chinny Chukwudozie, I.T. Pro.

Windows Server 2012 R2 built in NIC Teaming code enables link aggregation of multiple network adapters with same speeds for outbound traffic from the host. To take advantage of inbound traffic aggregation, the switch ports will have to be configured for Etherchannel.

In the example below, an already configured SwitchIndependent NIC team is converted to Static Teaming Mode, with the Loadbalancing Algorithm value set to IPAddresses from Dynamic . Microsoft documentation describes the the IPAdresses value as using the source and destination IP addresses to create a hash and then assigns the packets that have the matching hash value to one of the available interfaces. The corresponding switch ports on the connecting Cisco 3750G are configured as one logical port with the « src-dst-ip » load balancing value to match that on the host.

 Display Current Host NIC Team Configuration:

PS C:> Get-NetLbfoTeam

Name                   : MainTeam
Members                : {Ethernet, Ethernet2, Ethernet3, Ethernet4}

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