Hiding your activity won’t work much longer


Old Mac Computer

Computers have always been manipulated in various ways. Technology always plays two roles when given to society. First it has the intended use. Secondly it has the unintended use, which is of course manipulated to fit personal needs. The computer is the perfect example, as the user can modify it beyond the inventor intentions. New software is developed and hardware can be installed, all of which changes the users capabilities. Just the same as the user, the government can modify the access to the internet, disallowing information to be spread through out. This has created Tor. A web browser which allows you to surpass the restrictions whilst also staying anonymous. This is widely used in the community by people who want to be able to share information without being tracked or monitored by authorities. Users can expand from Hackers to Activists to Journalists. Of course this has been scrutinised by various authorities…

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