Cisco MDS – Clear All Zoning Configuration

David Ring

The steps below detail the process of clearing all zoning configurations on an MDS switch. Including: fcaliases, zonesets and zones. If you wish to remove individual zones from a zoneset then please see post here: How To Remove Zones from an Active Zoneset

Note: Ensure this is a standalone switch; if it is connected to other switches in the fabric then you may potentially affect the entire fabric.

1. Firstly determine the names of the active zonesets for each vsan. In this example we will clear down all the zoning associated with the zonset « vsan10_zs » on vsan 10:

MDS-9148# show zoneset active | inc zoneset
zoneset name vsan10_zs vsan 10

2. Next you will need to deactivate the zoneset « vsan10_zs » on vsan 10:

MDS-9148# conf t
MDS-9148(config)# no zoneset activate name vsan10_zs vsan 10
Enhanced zone session has been created. Please ‘commit’ the changes when done.
MDS-9148(config)# zone commit vsan…

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