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Assignment 6 – Object Oriented Programming

1 Managing Dynamic Arrays

Managing dynamically sized arrays can be a pain while dealing with memory on the heap. Memory

leaks, dangling pointers, etc can lead to invalid memory accesses/segmentation faults that halt your

program abruptly. Your task is to design a DataVector class that encapsulates the implementation

of a dynamically sized double array. The interface should be such that the users of your class should

not be exposed to the underlying implementation details such as memory allocation (new), release

(delete), resize, etc. Your DataVector class must have the following public interface. The difficulty

levels are marked as L1, L2 and L3, going from easy to hard.

1. DataVector ( ) ; //L2

This is the default constructor with no parameters. By default, this allocates space for a

double array of size 10 and assigns a default value of 0 to each of them.

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