Want consumer adoption? Make them want Bitcoin. Here’s how: via /r/Bitcoin

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Want consumer adoption? Make them want Bitcoin. Here’s how:

Make Bitcoin the « the payment method you use to get stuff cheaper ».

Discounts for those using Bitcoin during purchases has been discussed many times already, but lets think a little deeper…

I’ve got an online store. I was putting together my ‘Bitcoin Accepted Here’ logo and began typing this beneath it: « 10% off all orders paid for with Bitcoin ».

My userbase is no doubt 0% bitcoin holders. But one thing I can guarantee they will do: If word gets around that they can get 10% off the products they’re already buying from me, they are going to go sign up with Coinbase or Circle and get their hands on some Bitcoin.

And that’s not all. They’re going to start looking for Bitcoin discounts everywhere. In fact, want to make money? Put together a website that lists all the online merchants offering…

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Red and Blue Hats

Getting to first base with my mind, and other ways i like to tease my brain.


100 persons are standing in line, each facing the same way.  Each person is wearing a hat, either red or blue, but the hat color is not known to the person wearing the hat.  In fact, a person knows the hat color only of those persons standing ahead of him in line.

Starting from the back of the line (that is, with the person who can see the hat colors of all of other 99 persons), in order, and ending with the person at the head of the line (that is, with the person who can see the hat color of no one), each person exclaims either « red » or « blue ».  These exclamations can be heard by all.  Once everyone has spoken, a score is calculated, equal to the number of persons whose exclamation accurately describes their own hat color.

What strategy should the 100 persons use in order to…

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Using Excel as a Relational Database

Nuno Cancelo

A not so long ago i had a course of Business Intelligence and for the course project i had to build a data-mart with the dimensions and fact tables. I admit that i don’t like the Excel, although it has many advantages I …. hate him :-).
Because I was a little stressed, I didn’t stop to think how to do the work and start creating a sheet to the dimensions and the fact tables and an extra sheet to the « inner join of all dimensions and fact table ». A real pain in the … hand.

Recently I had to do another « project » using only the Excel and it was a requirement that i only made a single call to the database and do all the work in the Excel. After starting the job, i remember thinking « This is extremely stupid » so I stopped to think and with some help…

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Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women in computing…

created by US

Today, Tuesday 14th October, is Ada Lovelace Day. But who was Ada Lovelace? Well, in a sector so deeply dominated by males, it is important to remember that many of the earliest advances in computing and technology were actually achieved by females – and Ada Lovelace was once of the first.

women in STEM

Born in 1815, Lovelace studied maths and logic out of personal interest, befriended and worked with mathematician Charles Babbage and her ideas for how Babbage’s Analytical Engine might work provide foundational theory for modern computer science. And this is exactly why Ada Lovelace Day was founded – to celebrate the achievements and provide encouragement for all women engaged in STEM – Science, Technology and Maths subjects.

But of course, even though Ada Lovelace was arguably one of the first, and certainly the first female computer programmers, many women have followed in her footsteps as ground-breakers in the area.


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