Tattoos, taptic engines and other Apple MacGuffins


I like that. « Slap on the wrist » is clever and feels about right for a 2.71% haircut. « Reported problems » is perfectly, appropriately vague.

Investor’s Business Daily might have added that Apple was ripe for profit taking Thursday, up 20% for the year with a lot of in-the-money options ready to be harvested.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that when things look up for Apple — after a blockbuster quarter, say, or the launch of a new product category, or both — the press needs a story to bring it down.

This tale is what Alfred Hitchcock would call a MacGuffin — an object, a person, a plot device whose only purpose is to move the plot forward. It almost doesn’t matter what it is. « The audience, » Hitchcock once said, « don’t care. »

The tradition among headline writers is to make the Apple McGuffin a « gate. » Antennagate. Mapsgate. Bendgate…

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