Cornell’s website can ID bird species through photos


Casual birdwatchers may want to bookmark Merlin Bird Photo ID, a website created by Cornell University and the Visipedia research project. Thanks to powerful artificial intelligence techniques, the website can identify birds in photos you upload, so long as they’re species found in the US and Canada. You will need to draw a box around the feathered creature, click its beak, eye and tail, as well as identify where and when you took the picture. But after that, the system will do the rest: it will sift through the numerous photos taken by other birdwatchers, including the 70 million images in the database, to find ones that match your image.

It will then present you a list of the best matches “within seconds,” along with their photos and recordings of the sounds and songs they make. Like any other system that uses machine-learning tech, the more people use…

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