How Obama wooed back Merkel – By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE and MATTHEW KARNITSCHNIG 6/6/15 1:20 PM EDT

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After Snowden, the president and the German chancellor struggled to achieve a deeper bond.

SAINT PETERSBURG - SEPTEMBER 06:  U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrive to pose with other leaders for a group photo during the G20 summit on September 6, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Leaders of the G20 nations made progress on tightening up on multinational company tax avoidance, but remain divided over the Syrian conflict as they enter the final day of the Russian summit. (Photo by Anton Denisov/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images) Getty

Chancellor Angela Merkel got on the phone with President Barack Obama with a message that was coldly blunt: We cannot go on like this.

Her government had just sent the CIA chief packing after German intelligence uncovered a spy in its own ranks. It was the second big shock to the relationship after the Edward Snowden document dump disclosed that the U.S. had been spying on her cell phone. German media was filled with daily pronouncements about the worst rupture in the U.S.-German alliance since the Iraq War.

In the call last July, according to U.S. and German officials, Merkel made clear to Obama the intense pressure she was under at home to respond to what many Germans saw as unconscionable provocations. She and Obama agreed that their respective chiefs of staff must meet immediately…

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