Google’s Autonomous Car – The Future Of Green Transport?

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Isao Machii, a Japanese samurai swordsmith, can slice a BB pellet in half. At 200 mph. From 70 feet away. With a sword.

Such is the marvel of human reflexes. Yet cheeky Google wants to supplant said reflexes with transistors and LIDAR and microprocessors, to replace human drivers with motorist-o-matics. This could be the first wayward step towards the domination of artificial intelligence and the apocalypse, the end of humankind as we know it! Then again, it could be a step towards a greener, safer future.

The Internet of Automobiles

Google was once content to be everyone?s neighborhood know-it-all, but in 2010 it announced its intent to build a marketable self-driving vehicle. Two years later, millions watched online as Steve Mahan drove a modified Toyota Prius – or rather, a Prius drove Mahan – about town for some errands.

Fast forward five years and 1.8 million miles. It…

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