Gold “Important” And No Plan To Sell Significant Quantity Of – ECB

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The ECB, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the Riksbank of Sweden announced a new gold agreement this morning. They announced they have no plans to sell significant quantities of gold and reaffirmed the importance of gold bullion as a monetary reserve.

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Putin orders Russian troops back from Ukraine border, Kremlin claims again – APMay 19, 2014, 5:51 AM

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MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops deployed in regions near Ukraine to return to their home bases, the Kremlin said Monday.

Flash Points: Is the crisis in Ukraine winding down?

The move appears to indicate Putin’s intention to de-escalate the crisis over Ukraine, the worst in Russia’s relations with the West since the end of the Cold War.

The West has protested the deployment of 40,000 Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, seeing it as a possible preparation for grabbing more land after the annexation of Crimea in March.

Putin has previously said he has ordered troops to return from the area near the Ukraine border, but the United States and NATO have said they see no sign of a pullout and have threatened more sanctions if Russia tries to derail Ukraine’s presidential vote set for Sunday.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency Monday about…

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Could Godzilla Actually Exist?

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Could Godzilla really exist? The ‘King of Monsters’ would be the heaviest and longest living creature ever created, but could his bones support his 90,000 ton body?


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The OnePlus One invites will soon start rolling out


The “Never Settle” Android smartphone has an exciting price and even more interesting specs, but OnePlus doesn’t appear to have what it takes to meet the impressive demand, or at least not for the time being. That’s why the company is using an invite system, which will be the only way to buy a OnePlus One handset for now. The company on Saturday announced that it’s finally ready to roll out the first “major batch of invites,” although it did not provide an actual release date, saying the invites are coming « soon. »

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What did you think of the Michael Jackson hologram performance?

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(CNN) — Michael Jackson’s « live » performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards brought a mixed reaction Sunday night.

« Uncomfortable, odd and eerily interesting, » is how public relations agent Simon Smalls summed it up in a tweet. « Not quite sure what to feel. #MissingMJ »

Uncomfortable because Jackson died nearly five years while preparing for a comeback tour. His remains are resting in a crypt in a Forest Lawn mausoleum.

But technology tricked viewers — and the celebrity audience in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas — into suspending disbelief for a few minutes to watch the pop icon onstage dancing and singing his « new » song « Slave to the Rhythm. »

Ludacris, the rapper-actor who hosted the show, actually introduced it as « Live from the MGM Grand, Michael Jackson. »

« He’s baaaccck! » Mark Cuban, the owner of an NBA team and TV channel, tweeted about Jackson’s « hologram. » Cuban added…

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Euro notes superior to Bitcoin, says ECB Member

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I Have Bitcoins Euro notes superior to Bitcoin says ECB Member

Stability of value and compulsory acceptance of Euro banknotes and coins made them superior to alternative methods of payment like virtual money and regional currencies, he said. Virtual money or digital cash like Bitcoin is a cross-border payment system independent of central and ??Read More >>>

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